Causes Of Arm Fat

Nobody wants to end up with excess fat on the arms. When it comes to methods to lose arm fat, the first consideration is always the causes. Understanding what causes the arm fat to develop can make it easier to determine how to get rid of arm fat. The causes of this uncomfortable extra fat development are variable, click here to learn about some of the most effective methods to get rid of arm fat vary based on the cause.


One of the major factors that contribute to excess fat on the arms is simply aging. As the body gets older, the elasticity in the skin decreases. This creates an illusion of extra fat on the arms. When it is combined with a slower metabolism that causes increased fat deposits, the results are often fat on the arms. Unfortunately, this factor is not possible to eliminate.


Another factor that is not in personal control is genetics. Some individuals are prone to excess fat on the arms as the result of a natural predisposition in the family tree. Fortunately, with exercise and toning, it is possible to help decrease the chances of developing arm fat or slowing it when it starts to develop.

Muscle Atrophy

When the muscles start to decrease, such as after an arm injury or due to a lack of exercise, excess fat deposits will form on the arms. The cause of muscle atrophy is variable and might range from lack of exercise, illness, an injury to the arms, or a wide range of other factors. If atrophy begins to develop, adding more weight lifting exercises will slow or reverse the process.

Increased Weight

One of the major factors involved in fat on the arms is being overweight. The more the body weight, the more fat deposits on the arms. This particular cause of fat on the arms is easily controlled and completely manageable because it commonly relates to lifestyle. Eating a healthy, low-calorie diet while increasing exercise can result in weight loss the reduces or eliminates the fat on the arms.

Fighting the Causes

The best way to lose arm fat is through exercise and diet. Those who are looking at how to get rid of arm fat must consider their lifestyle before determining appropriate actions. The simple fact is that many lose arm fat through exercise, careful dieting, and improving muscle tone.

The only way to reduce arm fat is taking time to tone the muscles. The more muscle tone, the less fat is able to form on the arms. The causes of arm fat vary between individuals. In many cases, it is possible to control, reduce or even completely eliminate extra fat on the arms by exercising the arms and losing overall body weight.