Effective Ways and Means of Getting Rid of Thread Veins

What do tread veins are?

Thread veins are known to be very small blood vessels that run close to the skin surface. These fine red and purple wiggly lines are medically termed Telangiectasis. In some cases, these veins are also regarded as broken veins or spider veins. 

What causes it?

There is not always likely to be any specific reasons for the occurrence of these thread veins. These normally develop due to aging. As aging makes both blood vessels and skin loose and less elastic, it causes thread veins. If you face this issue, you search with ‘vein specialist near me on the internet. 

On the other hand, some other factors could positively contribute to the development of thread veins. Exposure to extreme wind or temperature, sunbathing, radiotherapy, and corticosteroid medication are some other reasons in this regard. Moreover, standing or sitting for a long duration may also cause this issue.   

In the beginning, these veins may not look or appear dangerous. But over time, they may get larger and accordingly increase in the number. Hence, it would be best if you did the needful to get necessary treatment during is the nascent stage. Else it may create other issues for you later.


There are plenty of treatments for thread veins that you can consider as per your convenience and demands. A few of such treatments and remedies are described below for your knowledge.

  • Laser therapy

Laser therapy is known to be quite effective and useful in this regard. The concentrated beam of laser light destroys tiny blood vessels. Different kinds of laser lights are used to treat thread veins. For example, a pulsed dye laser is suitable for treating thin red veins close to the skin’s surface. On the other hand, a laser with a longer wavelength is recommended for treating purple or deeper blue-colored veins. You do not feel any pain in laser treatment as local anaesthesia is used. 

  • Scelotherapy

Scelotherapy is deal for those thread veins that are bigger than 4 mm.  Solution aka sclerosant is injected through a tiny needle. This is to make damages to the cell lining of the thread vein. As a result, veins shrink gradually and then disappear within a few weeks. This treatment lasts about 30 minutes. It will help if you look for a ‘vein specialist near me’ to find a good doctor. Such a professional doctor will recommend whether you should get this treatment or not. But before that, your veins are to be properly assessed. 

  • Home remedies

Apart from the above described effective treatments, there are some tried and tested home remedies for treating thread veins. First of regular massage on the affected region is beneficial. It reduces pain and inflammation. Using some olive oil is recommended. On the other hand, ding daily exercise is also considered effective and advantageous in treating this issue.

Moreover, elevation is a good option as it allows proper blood circulation in the affected area. You can also decide to wear compression stockings as per the advice and recommendations of your doctor. All of these home remedies tend to work great.