Everything you need to know about Quiniela

Quiniela is one of the most popular bank games played in Argentina. It comes under the category of lottery and is loved by people throughout the country. Quiniela is so popular that it has started being accepted by people outside the country as well. 

The game is controlled and even organized by a government body of the country. The organization is known as the National Lottery of Argentina and is very accountable to the public. Unlike most lottery games, Quiniela does not follow the concept of a prize pool. Instead, it is based on the success of bettors. 


To learn every bit of a game, you should understand its origin first. Even if the rules of the game have developed over time, the process of development and the people involved can teach you a lot. 

As per the National lottery and Bets, the origin of the game dates back to 1942. The game caught everyone’s attention as it was based on football. To make things even more interesting, the Quiniela is said to be based on five very popular football games of the time. 

As per the legend, such five matches were a regular thing in a small bar in Spain. Over time, the system of placing bets on five football matches became so popular that it became a country-level game as we know it now. However, the game did not become official until 1942, when it was recognized by a government body. 

Benefits of playing Quiniela  

If you are thinking of playing quiniela but wonder if it’s a good choice for you, there are various benefits of the game that you should know about. Read below to know more. 


This stands true for any game that involves betting or lottery but it is especially true for Quiniela. Since it is based on a sport that has a crazy fan base all around the world, you will have even more fun while playing it. Quiniela lets you place bets on your favorite teams and keeps you under mystery until the last minute. 

With the suspense building up, you get a rush to win, and once you win your happiness goes beyond explanation. This makes the entire process fun and adventurous. 

Working under stress

When you have your money at stake, you are bound to stay under stress. Since you will be playing regularly, this stress would become a habit for you and you will be able to work under stress quite easily. Throughout the game, you will have to think and place bets without letting the pressure get the better of you. You will also have to stay calm to think straight. These skills come in handy for you even after you are done with the game. 

Final Words

quinielas.ar can be a great game to go for. Since it includes the presence of mind, excitement, fun, and football, you should definitely give it a try. To make things even better, you get to earn while doing your favorite thing!