Fancy a Private Note? Use Privnote for It

Data is the most critical asset today, and people take various steps to ensure its security and protection. And there is a lot of danger to the data present online. It is often and truly said that once something gets on the internet, it stays in there forever. But, with self-destructed messaging websites and apps, it becomes easier for everyone not to get worried about the information being hacked. 

The options are many when it comes to self-destructing messaging websites. Picking the best one is your sole responsibility. You don’t need to get into everything. Give every platform a try, and you can make the decision afterward. Privnote is a website that you should try. 

What is a private? 

Privnote has recently gained popularity for the security and safety it provides while messaging your friends, family, and even colleagues. Even the most sensitive messages can be sent without worrying, as they will disappear after being read by the recipient. It is compatible with any device – a phone, tablet, or computer. 

In this manner, your message is delivered right to the recipient without being intercepted in between. The plus point is that your inbox doesn’t overflow with brief messages. 

Creating a private note

You must be wondering how exactly a private note is created using the website. Well, it is not particularly difficult. Instead, simply, anyone can figure it out on the first try itself. Visit the website, and you will see a box for writing a private message. Create the note using create button. A link will be created that you can share online or by email. 

When the recipient clicks the link, the note is displayed to him. But the instant he leaves the window, the message disappears and cannot be retrieved. 

Ensure greater security 

You might think, what if someone other than the intended person reads the note? Well, you can make your worries go away by password protecting your private note. You can set any password and tell it to the recipient so that s/he can open the note given to her. Extra security is always a good option and doesn’t hurt anyone. 

If you think this is it, it gets more. There are some additional features that you might love. You can set a timer to your note so it can stick around for a little more. This is done when the recipient might take some time to understand the message, especially when the length of the message is long. The maximum time the note can be around is for a month. 

Send the same note to multiple persons

You can also send the same note to many people at once. You need to go to ‘show options’ and select the number of times it can be retrieved. The note can be retrieved multiple times for the recipients to read. 

Privnote should be your top choice and go-to destination when sending messages covertly. It is similar to Snapchat, excluding the bells, face filters, and whistles.