For Firearm Protection, Go for Best AR Vise Block

When it comes to an AR-15 style rifle is any kind of rifle, which lightweight semi-automatic, and mainly based on the design of the Colt AR-15. In 2020, AR-15’s Colt resumed production following a surge in demand in the consumer market of the United States. When maintaining or building AR-15 rifles, a usual vise jaw might ruin and scratch the firearm. When doing a kind of maintenance or work on the firearm the normal cleaning’s outside then it is good to have the best AR vise block. While Keeping this weapon steady and secure while working on it reduces the damaging firearm’s risk and aids the job going by faster.


  • Upper and receiver AR vise blocks- It is divided mainly into two parts namely enclosure type or AR upper vise blocks . The enclosure one is a common upper receiver and vise block type out there. As they can be easily found and are generally inexpensive. On the other hand, non-enclosure connects to the takedown of the upper rear and pivot pinholes. It allows getting the upper secured in vise even without requiring to remove all having attachments mounted on the rails.
  • Lower receiver AR vise blocks- Many of the lower receiver vise blocks are mainly inserted into the mag and hold the lower in place while assembling or cleaning without scratching the firearm’s finish. Meanwhile, the biggest issue is that these blocks fail to fit every mag well.
  • All in one gun vise- It is the ultimate way to go as it’s a full-out gun vise. Generally, these can be used on a rifle’s range for gunsmithing work, even sighting in or for cleaning. They might be a bit pricey while tend to be worthy.


  • The block allows clamping safely on the AR-15 upper and receiver in mainly the vise holding in it securely. It doesn’t cause crushing, marring, or twisting of the finish. 
  • It is perfect for usually torquing a barrel on, stubborn barrel nuts removing, or for simple gun cleaning and maintenance. It is manufactured of a solvent and resistant polymer and high pressure, which can withstand anything thrown at it. 
  • The AR vise block is truly the all-around for AR-15 maintenance, cleaning, and gunsmithing needs. As a bonus, it comprises a receiver insert along with a system of gas tube alignment which makes sure the gas tube is in line when the barrel is installed and a barrel nut torquing.

Things to consider

The durable design securely holds the receiver fits right and left hand Mil-Spec A2 upper and flat top receivers as well. Also, comprise a receiver insert along with the gas tube aligner. With left-handed uppers, it fails to work because they have a cover of dust that flips upward.


It can be concluded that most builders of AR rifle go for the best AR vise block which stabilizes and protect upper receiver devices. But along several vise blocks on the market, it can be challenging for choosing just one.