How Can You Get Greater Engagement on Your Instagram Page?

It is not an understatement when we say that Instagram has truly changed, we do business and how we interact with the world around us. Just a couple of years ago, it might have been impossible to fathom the depths of the social network that Instagram has created for itself. The world has shifted to a platform, where likes and views determine your popularity. So, whether you are a budding brand hoping to grow your roots or an influencer, we hope this article on the best place to buy Instagram followers gets you hooked. 

10 reasons why your engagement on Instagram is not growing

  • You aren’t posting at the right time and right frequency. Your followers get pretty bored with the lack of new content. Make sure to keep your page updated. 
  • Your social outreach on the platform is not good enough. Maybe you are not tagging enough people, or clicking on that like button enough times. However, this is a great metric to get people to notice you. 
  • Maybe you have been shadow-banned. This would mean your posts and content will not pop up in people’s feeds. One way to avoid this is to manually maintain your account and not go for bots. 
  • Maybe you started out on the platform on the wrong footing. First impressions do go a long way when it comes to Instagram. 
  • You need to work on your captions. These are often the first things a new visitor will ever read. Make it snappy and extremely catchy. 
  • Your posts might not come across as genuine to people on the platform. Remember people are looking for content that they can relate with. Understanding what your audience wants goes a long way. 
  • Your hashtag game might be all over the place. While hashtags are a great way to market your content, avoid using them in a way that labels your posts as being too offbeat. 
  • People judge your social media presence a lot depending on the quality. A bad picture taken in a pitch-dark room isn’t likely going to get you, new followers. 
  • One day you post about food and the other day you are a travel vlogger. This would serve to just confuse your audience. Ensure you know your brand and stick to it. 
  • Maybe you are promoting way too much. Your followers may not enjoy the constant marketing content that they have been getting. 

Now that we have covered what might be going wrong in trying to get followers and likes, there are plenty of other ways in which you can build your presence on the platform. One such would be to get followers for your account. If you scour the internet you might end up finding the best place to buy Instagram followers. What this guarantee is that you do not need to start from scratch to get noticed on the platform. You start out this way from an advantageous angle. So, no matter what your Instagram footprint is all about, you are sure to get the attention it deserves.