Insights On Personal Bodyguard Services

The presence of armed bodyguards has become more commonplace in recent years. Terrorism and kidnappings have driven many politicians, celebrities, and corporate leaders to invest in executive protection for their families. They are trusted by some of the world’s most well-known celebrities to provide them with the necessary peace of mind and personal safety. Despite this, most individuals are still fascinated by what they do on the job. As an example, here are seven things you probably didn’t know about the bodyguard industry:

Facts You Need to Know. For the most part, all bodyguards are armed. Whenever possible, try to avoid resorting to force. As you hire bodyguards in London, you need to know the following information.

As a starting point, not all bodyguards are equipped with weapons

When it comes to specific jobs, weapons may be unnecessary or even inconvenient. They all have in common that they would rather avoid using force than use it if it is absolutely necessary. A true professional’s emphasis must be on prevention to avoid situations when force is needed. When danger is present, the main responsibility of the bodyguard is to protect the client and get them out of harm’s way as quickly and safely as possible. Only after all other options have failed should one resort to violence or draw a weapon.

No genuine glitter and grandeur are involved

A glamorized image of bodyguards is created by their frequent association with celebrities, professional athletes, and other well-known personalities. In practice, though, things are very different. Instead of socializing with the rich and famous, executive security guards work to keep their employers safe from harm.

Specific individuals see bodyguards as a sign of social rank

In recent years, armed protection has become a prestige symbol among some aspects of society. Additionally, the number of people who employ bodyguards to protect them while on vacation abroad has increased. Some individuals hire executive security for those who have severe fears about kidnapping or terrorism, while others do so because they feel it is better to be safe than sorry.

They’re no longer the exclusive domain of A-listers

Executive protection is the most visible kind of protection for celebrities, politicians, and other high-profile figures. Several companies have begun employing more armed bodyguards for their CEOs and other high-ranking employees. Executive protection isn’t only for the rich and famous anymore, though. Participation is urged for those whose lives or safety may be in jeopardy when travelling or in any public setting.

A High-Quality Bodyguard Can Boost a Client’s Productivity

Customers who hire the best bodyguards will see a massive increase in productivity over their day. For their customers, they’ve been trained to find the safest entrances and exits and the best times of day to travel or make public appearances. To save time and avoid unnecessary risk, people prefer to organize for smooth entrances to events and places before they arrive. These and other activities may help clients save time, enabling them to do more in a day than they otherwise would.

Big size isn’t essential

Rethink your preconceived notions about armed bodyguards if your mental image is anything like an NFL lineman. Large, threatening men and women make up just a tiny percentage of armed guards, but most are normal-sized men and women who blend in with their surroundings. It is a fact of life that clients have a broad variety of wants and needs. Some people need many security guards because they want to project an intimidating physical presence at a gathering or location they care about. Other clients wish to their senior security personnel to blend in with their surroundings rather than drawing attention to themselves.