Tips To Keep In Mind While Customizing a Hoodie

The hoodie is the most favourable clothing piece available in almost every wardrobe. It is comfortable, convenient and gives you a unique style. No matter your age group, hoodies can make you look younger. It looks good in everybody types. You can pair them with skirts, trousers or pants. It enhances the look and provides you comfort all day.

However, even wonder if you get a chance to customize your hoodie. Well, customization clothing is a new trend. People design their clothes themselves, which suits their personality and makes them look stylish. Moreover, this makes you feel quiet and give to more reasons to wear it again and again. However, customization is easy, but you have to follow several tips to get the perfect techwear hoodies.

Choose the style you want

Hoodies are of different types, like a zip-lock hoodie or a pullover hoodie. The difference between them is that pullover hoodies are directly worn, while the other comes with a zip for convenience. Both of them are equally comfortable and convenient.

However, if you love sports looks, you can opt for zip ones, or if you want some casual look, you can choose pullovers. They are worn like t-shirts and are an excellent option to layer up. So choose according to your comfort, style, and process to the next step.

Identify the logo or messages

If you do not want your hoodie to look plain and boring, you can choose any unique message or logo to make it look better. Likewise, if you customize a hoodie for any events, friend’s reunions or get-to-gathers, you can print something theme based on it.

It will make your hoodie personal, unique, and with many memories. However, make sure you do not choose along with a message or logo, as it will not make your hoodie look nice and elegant but will make it look dull. You can either opt for just a single world or a small design.

Plan designing

If you have decided what kind of theme you will choose, you can now put all the texts and images into implementation. Choose different elements and styles to convey your message effectively. Finally, you can pick the picture and print it out.

 You can also add any of your favourite dialogues. Plan what kind of design you need your text to look like and select it. There are several fonts available to choose from. You can either keep it simple or add some graphics to enhance the look.

Draw on a paper

Customizing a hoodie is an artwork. However, you do not need to be an artist to design your hoodie effectively. First, plan the type you want and what kind of fabrics, colours and style you want your hoodie to look like.

You can use some references online if you are confused in any way. Once you know what kind of hoodie you want and how it should look after being prepared, you can draw it on the paper to get a brief explanation.

Plan it simple

The rule you should always follow while customizing a hoodie is to keep it simple. A lot of mix-match colours, designs and prints can be disastrous. It will not make your hoodie look elegant but make it look worst.

That is why make sure whenever you design a hoodie, keep your messages short and simple and plan it quickly so that your message is conveyed correctly. Along with that, a simple cloth makes you look lavishing and stylish.

Choose an appropriate colour

If you love to play with colours and have different colour options in your mind, make sure you are the right ones. For instance, if you want your hoodie colour light, then opt for a design in bright colours to make it shine out and vice versa. Always ensure that both the colours compliment each other rather than make each different look dull.

Measure the image size

If you want an image hoodie, then it requires high resolution. The printer will give you an idea of how the image will look on your hoodie. Make sure you use the right quality image, as poor images will get blurred after printing and make your hoodie like old rather than new.

 You can adjust the image’s dimensions as small, large or medium, depending on your preferences. Make sure whatever design you choose should be visible from at least one foot. The design should never overpower your look, nor should it be so small that it cannot even be noticed. Clarity is essential while designing a hoodie.

Place the design

There are several popular spots on a hoodie where people love the design. Like on pockets, sleeves, back or in the middle front of the hoodie. You can place it anywhere, but it should be visible and look attractive and straightforward. However, it also depends upon what occasion you will use a hoodie for.

For instance, if you are using a hoodie for a get to gather, you can place the prints in front, while if you are opting for a promotional event, you can print the messages and images on the back. It depends upon you but makes sure it should look clear and classy.

The final verdict

These are some tips you should follow while customizing your hoodie. If you misplace any minor things, it can make your hoodie look inadequate and unattractive. Hoodies are the most convenient clothing piece which can be styled for any occasion, whether formal or informal. However, you just need to understand the difference between creating a perfect essay and making a worse one. These tips will surely help you to make an ideal hoodie effortlessly.