Pest Control- Menace Free Home

A topic that has been milked to its extreme by experts but still one that generates the same amount of interest and intrigue? It is because it is a problem that almost every household goes through, irrespective of size or status, and there isn’t a house in existence where the pest problem doesn’t exist.

Pests are perhaps the biggest nuisance one can find especially if you have a roof on top of your head with four walls in all corners and therefore pest control is something that needs to be practiced all the time.

What is it about pest control that merits such a long piece of writing? To clarify, this article isn’t going to be a boring monologue admonishing people to take it seriously but just list out some simple points to keep pests at bay, which is no rocket science but plain and simple practice.

Last Resort

We human beings are basically lazy creatures that rely on others to do our daily chores because our self-inflated ego considers it way beneath our standards that only giving rise to lethargy and dependency on others.

The same goes here as well because rather than take the initiative and try to get rid of pests on our own we immediately look up the premium pest control service in the vicinity and call them to do everything while we sit back and watch the fun along with offering expert advice on how to do their job.

Pest control should be the last resort in getting rid of pests that should come at the very end of your hard work because even though you might put in your best efforts and manage the pest menace to some extent, it is the pest control service that has to bring in the final touches.

Calling the pest control service immediately is foolish and an unnecessary waste of money because we all know how much they charge for an extensive cleansing of the house from pests.

Therefore, if you follow certain points and do half the task on your own then you won’t need to pay as much as you would have to and so the steps given below are how you should manage pest menace.


  1. Winter is on its way and pests will show up as soon as spring comes by so prepare yourself now itself by cleaning your house beginning with the kitchen by sweeping of cobwebs and dust particles around food containers and then doing the same with the sink by not leaving a trace of leftover food in the basin
  2. Throw food wrappers and garbage in the dustbin so that they can be disposed of off to the garbage truck first thing in the morning
  3. Keep fruits, vegetables, and dairy products in the fridge immediately after coming home because they become rotten if kept in a moist atmosphere outside and start smelling badly
  4. Wash and clean the nets and webs on the windows in the drawing-room, bedroom, and bathroom because pests start laying eggs on them
  5. Clean the commode with a toilet cleaner on a regular basis
  6. Repair broken pipes so that they stop leaking that won’t allow water to accumulate and mosquito breeding to reduce
  7. Cover up all the holes in your house so that insects and rodents don’t find a way in
  8. Repair the cracks in windows immediately