What are Some Fantastic Cannabis Strains That You Must Try Out For Better Sleep?

Sleep is a vital component of a healthy life, just like diet and exercise. During sleep, our bodies get refreshed and heal from the workout sessions we have done. According to researchers, on average, an individual needs to sleep for 7-8 hours each night. But due to bad habits and no scheduled sleep, you may face trouble sleeping at night. Many individuals also have insomnia. As a result, they could not sleep or find difficulty in sleeping. If you are experiencing the same symptoms, you should try the top shelf CBD flower.

Consuming the cbd flowers is an excellent way to get a sound sleep. Due to the presence of several CBD compounds in CBD flowers, they offer you a night of better sleep at night. Also, after consumption, you will quickly fall asleep. Doctors also advise individuals suffering from sleeping disorders such as insomnia to consume CBD-based products and strains to alleviate their symptoms. Sometimes you may find it difficult to sleep even after having a busy and working routine that makes you tired. In that case, you can also try out CBD flowers and strains to resolve your sleeping issue. Now we will discuss the fantastic cannabis strains that you need to try for a sound sleep.

How can cannabis help you sleep?

You must have this question in your mind about cannabis, which is why we will give you an explanation of it. Scientific researchers have discovered cannabis to contain compounds such as cannabinoids and THC, which are well known for providing a person with a good night’s sleep. Also, these two compounds offer medicinal effects too. So let’s discuss them.


  • For decades, scientific researchers have been researching the effects of the THC compound. It is a chemical compound that results in offering you a “high effect” on consumption. And recently, researchers have also found out that THC is also responsible for giving individuals a sound sleep after consuming top shelf cbd flowers.
  • THC helps you fall asleep faster and gives you REM sleep, which is a type of sleep where dreams take place. Researchers have also noted that individuals have different levels of THC tolerance, which ultimately depends on how often they consume cannabis products.


  • Scientific researchers have also studied the sound effects of CBD. It is the type of cannabinoid which is present in high concentrations in various cannabis strains. Also responsible for causing several beneficial effects on the human body.
  • During the research about CBD, researchers found that CBD is also effective in improving the sleep quality of individuals. Consumption of CBD flowers can also cure sleep disorders like insomnia by offering lengthy sleep.
  • They also noted that giving the pain-curing mouth spray consisting of equal THC and CBD resulted in providing sound sleep to the individuals experiencing sleep disturbances due to pain.

Strains for better sleep are:

People are reporting having good results in their sleeping patterns after consuming the top-shelf CBD flower. Just remember that the effects of cannabis strains can vary from company to company. As a result, opt for a dependable and reputable company that provides high-quality cannabis products and flowers.

Hindu Kush Strain-

It is an indica strain with a THC content of 15-30% and a CBD content of less than 1%. It is a strain suitable for experienced consumers who want to experience quality sleep. However, moderate users can also prefer to consume such cannabis strains.

Purple granddaddy-

It is another Indica strain that is purple, as the name suggests to you. It is a cannabis strain that is popularly known for its muscle-relaxing and sedating effects. Before consuming, consider checking out the THC percentage if you are a beginner at consuming cannabis strains.


If you are worried about the psychoactive effects of THC, then you must try out such a cannabis strain. Such a strain comes up with an equal proportion of THC and cbd. 

The presence of CBD will result in mellowing out the situation a little. The presence of THC ranges from 6-14%, and CBD ranges from 7-10%. After knowing these fantastic strains for sleep, I hope you will consider trying them.