Website Hosting Plans How To Decide – Know about the essentials

If you do a search for website hosting plans you will find that there are lots of website hosting companies offering this service at different prices and offering different levels of service. How do you go about deciding which to go for given this overwhelming choice.

Any Commercial Plans?

in the future? If you are sure that this will not be the case, you should consider using a The first question to consider is will your site be used for any purpose that might be considered commercial, now or at any timein the future? If you are sure that this will not be the case, you should consider using a Squidoo Lens or a blog on , which are free, instead of buying your own domain name and choosing from the many website hosting plans . These options do limit your flexibility but can be a quick and easy way to start.

In order to use godaddy alternative, there is a need to evaluate the options. You can demand for higher flexibility to get the best results.  Make sure that you are checking all the options for the availability of the desired outcomes on the online website. The meeting of the needs and requirements will become easy.

How Important is Price?

So you have decided that you want to own your own domain and to be in full control of your site, you will need to consider the range of website hosting plans available. There are a number of cheap deals around (or even free if you don’t mind advertising appearing) so you need to consider if price is the over-riding factor.

Bear in mind that it is actually it is easy to become a “reseller” of website hosting plans which means that anyone can set-up in business as website hosting providers. In this case the infrastructure will be provided by a large provider but your agreement will be with the reseller who will be responsible for their own pricing and customer support. Obviously a small reseller of website hosting plans cannot provide the same level of support (24/7) as a large provider and this may present a particular problem if provider and user are not in the same time zone.

However, if your site is more of a hobby it may be worthwhile trying out one of the cheap website hosting plans.

Other Factors to Consider

As well as the price you need to consider the following when evaluating website hosting plans:

  • Do you pay monthly, annually etc.?
  • How long are you locked in for?
  • Is there a money back guarantee?
  • How many domains are you allowed?
  • Is a domain included?
  • How much bandwidth are you allowed?
  • How much disk space are you allowed?
  • How fast and reliable is the service?
  • Do you want Linux or Microsoft hosting?
  • Is shared hosting ok or do you need Virtual Private Server hosting or Dedicated Server hosting?
  • Does the Control Panel have all the functionality you need?
  • How good is the support?

For more information on each of the above please visit the Hosting Facts page


I believe that if your site is providing a service either commercial or non-commercial free website hosting plans should be discounted and you should pay for service from a reputable company who are actually providing the hosting service. Such website hosting plans are good because the company is not likely to disappear, will provide all the services you need (including uptime guarantee) and will be able to support you if you have problems.