Here’s to you the 5 myths around pest control – debunked!

Find yourself in a spot where you have learned so many facts about pest control. Most of them were even discussed by your peers who have heard them from somebody else. Now, this is what experts call grapevine communication. You can find it on the internet and this technique is often taught in imperial management colleges to understand how the facts are sugar-coated with inaccurate and false rumors.

So, if you have received any advice from your peers that cockroaches have developed immunity to nuclear explosion or buy a cat to keep the rodents away, it is time to expose those myths and understand the reality. 

A cat at home keeps the rodents away

While I am a big fan of cats, but I know that it’s a ruse. Being a proud owner of two cats has opened my eyes and I could see the reality of the real-life Tom and Jerry. While some cats are curious about chasing and killing rodents, most of them don’t give a whisker. Our furry friends are not programmed to hunt down other animals and protect their space. Some of them are willing to pounce on the mouse, just for the fun of it and nothing more. So, no, keeping a cat is not sufficient to keep mouses and rats away. 

Carpenter ants and termites don’t live together

Another myth that is infamous in our society, and referred to by the best pest control in Sacramento is that carpenter ants and termites can’t be found in the same house. Many experts believe that people often mistake carpenter ants for termites due to their exoskeleton. However, there is a major difference and therefore, it is necessary to understand them before carrying out any extermination process. Termites eat food whereas carpenter ants don’t. Furthermore, carpenter ants prey on termites if they coexist in the same space. So, we can pray to our friendly neighborhood ANT community to keep a tab on the pesky termites. But due to their varied diet and space of infestation, carpenter ants may not help you in completely removing the termites and you may wind up having both of them living together in harmony.

Cockroaches survive a nuclear explosion

Although it is a very compelling proposal by many alien connoisseurs, it is not true. In my high school days, my friends used to tell me all the stories that cockroaches have survived the meteor blasts from the dinosaur age. This has given them the immunity to survive even nuclear explosions and one day they will become so big that they will prey on us. Well, at that time, it sounded amazing and horrifying but as time passed, I concluded that it is rubbish. Yes, cockroaches can withstand ionizing radiation better than humans but still would be affected.

Bed bugs come from dirty homes only

There is an untold stigma among the people that bed bugs are only found in dirty homes. This is a rumor that not even the best pest control in Sacramento will believe. The myth suggests that you need to clean your home every day and wash your linen every alternate day to avoid the infestation of these bugs. Although it is a good proposition, it is not entirely true. Bed bugs are unaware of the surroundings and they don’t care about the cleanliness of your home. Humid rooms can help infest them on your beds and sofas. All they want is your delicious blood and a good warm body.

Fleas only come from pets

While pets are major sources of fleas, they are not the only ones. Fleas can also come from the shoes of a visitor or the coats of a hitchhiker. If you have been camping near the woods, you may also carry some fleas into your home unknowingly.

So, these are some of the myths that we have busted today. If you have any more myths that you have heard or studied or rumors around pests, do share with us so that we can share them to others.