Merits and demerits of wearing flip flops 

Flip Flops are the most popular footwear in summer among people as it is one of the fashion statements of summer that go with every style and its usage during a beach vacation is in trend, and many people pack them for flaunting them on the beach. According to Statista reports, the value of the global flip flops market in 2019 is around 18.9 billion US dollars which shows the number of people buying and including flip flops in their wardrobe. Today, you can find flip-flops in every nation among every generation as they are available in various designs and vibrant colors that you can find on the Homepage of many eCommerce platforms.

But have you wondered about the merits and demerits of flip-flops? If yes, then this article is for you as today, we have explained the pros and cons of wearing flip flops.  

What are the benefits/merits of wearing flip-flops?

The flip flops are easy to wear, keep your feet cool during summers, and are cost-effective as they are not so expensive. Other than that, there are various health benefits of flip flops as well; let’s look at them:

Health benefits

Guard against common illness 

Many people do not wear slippers at home and walk barefoot, which is not a healthy habit as it may lead to the transfer of body heat through the feet, and it is one of the reasons for frequent colds & flu among people. Flip flops are easy to wear and relax your feet, which offers the best solutions for this problem as it helps develop the habit of wearing footwear at home. 

Protect from Bacterial and fungal infections

When you wear flip flops at home or become habitual of wearing them home, you protect your feet from bacterial and fungal infections as it will guard your feet against germs and bacteria present on the home floor. 

Provide support 

Flip flops provide support to small tiny babies & older people while walking as flip flops provide good body balance. Flip flops with good arch support help babies take their first step, and for elders, it helps to take stable steps while walking.  

But do remember to check that the flip flops are not uncomfortable and have arch supports, so it will not increase the problems.

Heal swollen feet

Flip flops reduce the heat flow from feet and increase blood circulation, which helps to heal swollen feet.

You can find more information on designs & colors and the health benefits of flip flops on our Homepage.  

What are the demerits of wearing flip-flops?

Like coins have two sides, flip flops also have some demerits of wearing them.

Sore feet 

If you wear them for a longer time, it may result in tiredness and sore feet.  

Critical problems

Flip flops are not ideal for wearing for regular periods as they may lead to critical problems like heel and arch pain due to lack of support while walking.


Injuries are common when you wear flip flops as your feet are exposed and have no supports frequently slip off while walking. 

Final thoughts

Flip Flops are famous footwear in summers due to their vibrant colors & designs available and the comfortableness they offer to the wearer. The demerits of flip flops are avoidable by not wearing them for a longer duration.