The 5 Best CBD Oil For Dogs In Canada

CBD, or cannabidiol, has become increasingly popular in recent years as a natural remedy for many conditions. This includes use in dogs, where best cbd oil for dogs Canada are now available to help manage anxiety, pain and other issues that can affect your pet’s quality of life. Here are five of the best CBD oils for dogs in Canada to consider if you’re looking to give your pup some extra TLC.

1. Canna Pet – Advanced Small and Medium Formula

This full-spectrum hemp extract formula from Canna Pet is specially formulated for small and medium breeds of dogs. It contains all the beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant plus omega fatty acids and terpenes for added health benefits.

2. Honest Paws Calming CBD Oil

Honest Paws offers this high quality calming oil to help soothe anxious puppies without making them feel overly sleepy or drowsy like some other products out there. The oil comes in three different strengths (125mg/250mg/500mg) and can be used daily or as needed when your pup needs an extra dose of calm.

3. Receptra Naturals Pet Hemp Extract

Receptra Naturals specialise in high quality extracts that are great for pets big and small! Their Pet Hemp Extract provides a range of cannabinoids, omegas and vitamins that work together to support overall health and also improve immunity levels. Plus it’s made from all organic ingredients which makes it even better!

4. NuLeaf Naturals CBD Pet Oil

NuLeaf Naturals offer their own line of CBD pet oils that come in different concentrations depending on the size of your dog (150mg – 600mg). Their full-spectrum cannabinoid blend works quickly to reduce stress, anxiety & inflammation while also helping with joint pain relief as well as overall energy levels! The product is also third party lab tested, so you can rest assured that you know exactly what’s going into your furry friend’s body every time they take a dose!

5) MediPets Elite Small Breed Oil Drops

MediPets Elite Small Breed Dog Oil Drops are specifically designed for smaller puppies, but can be used for any size dog! The drops contain a blend of THC-free hemp extract plus added vitamins & minerals which means you get not only the medicinal benefits of the cannabinoids but also the antioxidant power of the added nutrients! Plus, these drops taste great so even picky eaters won’t turn up their noses!