What’s the Difference Between a Condo & a Townhouse? and which one is best for the purchase?

Whether you are looking to invest in property or buy a place of your own, it’s important to understand the differences between condo and townhouse. Both offer various benefits that appeal to different buyers, making determining which type of housing will suit your needs best before investing is critical. Tembusu Grand offers amazing condo options perfect for homebuyers.

Understanding Condos

An apartment (also known as a condominium) is an individual unit within a larger building or complex that is owned by one person. The owner owns only the interior space defined by the walls, ceilings and floors of his or her unit, but also shares ownership of common areas such as hallways, elevators and outdoor grounds. Common charges are levied on each owner, who must pay for the maintenance and repair of all common areas, including landscaping, painting, etc. Condo owners enjoy amenities such as swimming pool, gym and other facilities depending on the development they choose.

Advantages of buying a condo

Condo living offers many advantages over traditional single-family homes – here’s why:

  • Lower maintenance costs

Because condos require less outside maintenance than traditional houses, they are often preferred by people who don’t want to spend too much time on chores such as mowing the lawn and cleaning the gutters every week. This can be particularly beneficial for those who travel a lot or have busy schedules that leave little time for home maintenance.

  • Security and safety

Condos usually come with extra security features such as gated entrances, video surveillance systems, night guards, etc., providing peace of mind when leaving your home unattended while travelling or working late away from home.

Understanding Townhouses

Townhouses (also known as townhomes) are multi-storey units joined side by side with similar external appearance but varying internal design layout due to differences in floor plans ranging from two to four storeys high connected by staircases within each residence where its residents access their own private entrance door at ground level either through a corridor or a small garden area surrounding the house giving it more privacy compared to typical condominiums where multiple units share common wall space within one structure. It is essentially an attached single family dwelling that shares a wall with its neighbouring unit.

Advantages of buying a townhouse

  • Lower cost

Townhouses are usually cheaper than condominiums because they tend to be larger and offer more privacy than condominiums due to their separate entrances, meaning you do not need keys or pass codes to gain access as you do with condominiums. Furthermore, there is even a chance that some may have additional outdoor space such as balconies, patios or gardens, giving homeowners more value for the money spent on purchasing these properties.

  • More privacy

As mentioned earlier, townhomes offer greater privacy than condominiums because they have separate entrances, allowing residents to come and go without keys or pass codes around neighbours. Furthermore, some townhomes may even have fences surrounding them, increasing residents’ sense of security while allowing them to control who they invite into their premises, unlike condominiums where any person can enter freely without being stopped by security, assuming that person knows someone who lives in that particular building.

Which is best to buy?

The choice between buying a condominium or a townhome depends on your personal preferences; however, both types offer great benefits such as low costs, lower maintenance requirements and added security features, so either option is suitable depending on your lifestyle. As for Tembusu Grand, they offer amazing condo options that are perfect for homebuyers, so make sure you check out what they have available today!