Here Are the 5 Best Mics For ASMR Audio Recording

Several trends are going on around the world. On social media, you can find different kinds of trends going on. When you open your social media apps or other platforms you can find content made by the creators to display their talents or strengths to their audience. They make this content as entertainment for the audience who are watching the content. People love to watch such content online to pass their time. 

Many such creators create dance, music, cooking videos, etc., to entertain the people who are watching the content online. But there is a certain type of videos that you can find where the creators are making sounds in front of the microphone that is kept. Such types of videos are known as ASMR videos. ASMR stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response. This type of response involves a tingling sensation in the body. Some people like the sounds created as they find them more soothing. 

How these ASMR videos are made by the creators?

If you have seen such videos, then you can observe that the creators keep a microphone in front of them and play with the toys, eats, or does other tasks by keeping it very close to the mic. For recording such videos and sound effects, you can get an ASMR mic that is available on websites or in physical stores. There are different categories and brands of such microphones. So, how can you select the microphones standing top in each of their categories? 

Few factors decide the quality of the microphone that you are buying. You need to have a closer look at these factors before buying the product because you will get a good product if you take your time and research the product carefully. So what are these factors that can help you find the top 5 microphones in the category of ASMR? 

Tips for choosing the best microphone.

For making the ASMR videos you must buy a microphone that is different from other kinds as the sound is soft and low. So consider below mentioned factors for better quality and effect output. 

  • Sensitivity

As the sounds used for ASMR videos are low and soft, the mic must be able to record the softest sound it could identify.

  • Sound output

When you play the sound effects recorded from the mic, you should get a clear sound that you can understand and hear well. Which is soothing to hear.

  • Stability

The microphone must be stable in terms of the input and the output. Moreover, it should be stable in its positioning. It should not move much. 

  • Filters

The mic must have filters to eliminate any external noise or disturbance. This will lead to inconsistent sound effects. 

These are some of the factors that you need to keep in mind before buying the microphone to record your ASMR videos. By comparing these factors you will be able to select the one out of the top 5 ASMR mics of your choice.