Steps to create a Minecraft server on PC 

Online games are a hit, especially among kids and young generations. Minecraft is one such game that has brought multiple changes to the industry. Also, kids are fond of this game which has ensured the popularity of the game digital sports arena. But Minecraft is not just a game, rather it is a tool to make kids learn about coding. If you are interested to learn coding, Minecraft is an effective option. 

Why chose Minecraft?

Minecraft is a tool that helps you learn coding and also open to any expansion by the mod developers. You can use this open platform to explore how to code and take bigger steps. People interested in learning the coding and exploring the tool more seriously can launch a personal Minecraft server. This private server allows you to go ahead further step by step, as you can create your world moving around Minecraft. You can create your personal Minecraft server over any operating system you use, including Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. 

Moreover, you can start your Minecraft server without any extra cost. You just need to know the steps to create the server in your PC to reach you the next level. You can include 10 players in your server as well. Understanding the platform or the tool and hosting for minecraft server in your PC is quite easy and effective for further work. 

What are the steps to follow for creating Minecraft server?

Naturally for hosting a server, you need to follow some basic steps in your PC. These are- 

  • Get the latest version of Java. You can download one from the internet or upgrade your existing java software in your PC to start creating the server for multiple benefits. Make sure to download the latest version from the official website.
  • Next, you must choose a particular location in your PC before downloading the Minecraft software. You must select a space from where you would like to operate the server. 
  • You must have a dedicated folder to save all the configurations after downloading the software for future use. So, make sure you have that much space in your PC, and it is compatible for this much pressure. 
  • Go to the Minecraft website, download the server software, and begin your journey. The downloaded file will be in Java. Jar format and get saved at the dedicated folder. 
  • It would be best to do some modifications before starting the server for regular use. It would be best if you accepted the EULA option to get started with. 

  • You need to enable port forwarding in your next step to allow multiple players worldwide, and you have to be quite careful about this due to the security issue. For local hosting, you don’t need to be worried. You need to check the router documentation to configure port forwarding in your service. 
  • You need to be well aware of hosting for minecraft server as you have to start your server at this stage with the appropriate command. 
  • Other players can start joining your server with different features, like selecting multiplayer and adding server. Make sure to add the name of your server and its address. You need to click ‘Done’, ready to go. 

Creating a server in such simple steps for your Windows PC has never been easy, but Minecraft has made this possible. You can enjoy using this server and make your preferred experiences over the server as and when required. This is budget-friendly as well as user-friendly for the young generation.