The Chariot Tarot Of The Day – Know about the essentials 

The Chariot is the seventh trump of the Major Arcana cards. The Chariot card associates itself with the sun sign, Cancer. The card represents will power, determination and victory. It means you will conquer the obstacles and difficulties and emerge out victorious.

You should know about the tigers eye meaning is beneficial for the protection to the life of the people. It will conquer the other live of the partner is also possible with the learning about the meaning. The collection of the information is essential if you want to get the desired results. 

The Card shows a powerful prince-like figure riding his chariot. He is seen sitting within a canopy of stars. Thus, the influence of the stars and celestial powers are indicated in the card. There are two sphinxes pulling the chariot, one is of black color and the other is white. This symbolizes union of darkness and light, of positive and negative. The wings on the chariot represents the same union of bad and good. The symbols on the tunic of the man stands for the spiritual transformation of man. The square is a sign of strength of will and is a representation of the earth tattva. The star crown represents man’s attainment in spiritual evolution. The figure has a wand in one hand. The city is seen behind the figure stating that he has left the material world to seek spiritual powers.

The Chariot stands for victory. It suggests that any battle can be won if you have the strength of your will power. The card means that you have the necessary forces to win the battle you intend to fight or you have to fight. The Chariot implies war and hardships. Focus and determination should be the key to your life now and these will help you win the conquest. Be dominating and confident. Self- reliance and hard work are essential, too. It is indicated that you fight your battle alone and can rely on no one. The card suggests power, but at the same time it also means you are cut-off from the rest of the world. You must mind your guards and attack from side, instead of a head-on attack. Try to be attentive and plan the steps cautiously. You will loose much if you are not careful. The Chariot signifies that you have die hard ambitions to win. The card tells you to keep on turning the wheels and move ahead, but also keep control of the speed and direction you move. Loyalty and discipline are the desired qualities at this time. It also represents the positive sides of ego. Aggression, if channeled in proper direction can lead to success, but may also result in destruction if not taken care of.

The Chariot, when reversed, gives the same implications with only one difference. It might mean that you will loose the fight even if you try hard. You feel you have lost your direction and way in life and the aggression and ego are going the wrong path leading you to harm. You have no strength left and your growth restricted underneath various troubles and pressures. You need to get to the flow of life and instead of trying to control everything alone, giving someone else the steering wheel of your life will be helpful. Move forward and do not give way to undesired and unimportant aspects in life.

WORK: There might be obstacles in your workplace. Someone is intent upon hampering your reputation or causing you loss of some kind. But you must not lose your calm and keep working hard. Losing temper will only increase the enemy’s power. Use your energy for your own good rather than planning harm to others. If you are on the right path, you will achieve the desired result in the end.

LOVE: Be kind and polite with your partner. You may clearly speak of your dislikes but in a respectful manner. Do not go head over heels for someone. Take time to decide your next move before you send that expensive gift or try to persuade your crush into a relationship too hard. This is a time of self-control. You must be disciplined and appear less vulnerable in order to turn things in your favor.

FINANCE: Trusting your instincts in money matters is the most correct thing to do right now. Finances run smoothly, but you might spend some amount on travel planning or buying a car. You will spend to go to that place you have desired for long. Make sure your finances are stable before you spend. Discipline is important to keep loss away.

HEALTH: You are full of energy and ready to go and achieve your life goals. Health will be fine. You might also start a new exercise routine to increase your fitness. Travelling is indicated, might result in good health and clearer mind. Traveling for spiritual awakening is also possible, which in turn gives you the inner boost.

The Chariot card speaks of vitality, loyalty, self-help, and perseverance. It is a very profound time when much can be gained. The hard work will show results and enemies fall weak against your enormous willpower. You are blessed with good luck and prosperity.